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Just Friends 2



(Read the first part HERE.)

"Well look who it is…" A female voice spoke out. York tightened his grip on his Physics text and kept his eyes down. Sophie perched her butt on the edge of the desk and he couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a short dress showing off her sexy thighs.

"I’ve really got to study"

"Riiight. Of course you do, York” A shiver ran up his spine. “You’ve been avoiding me” 

"No. Nope. I’ve just been busy… studying and stuff"

"Stuff, huh? Well I think you need a little break" She knocked his text book down as she scooted back on the table; her thigh grazed his hand causing him to jerk his arm away. Sophie giggled and shook her head. “You’re so jumpy" York remained quiet and tried as hard as he could not to stare at her. “So…"

Silence. York scratched his head.


"So, how did it go with little ol’ Terri the other day?"

"Fine. Everything is fine" He shot back.

"Oh? Well isn’t that wonderful"

"Sure. Yep" He coughed. “So anyways, I really have to ge—"

"You didn’t tell her about it then?" York could feel her eyes blazing down at him.

"No. I, just, I didn’t think it was… I didn’t think I had to say something"

"You cheated on your loving girlfriend but don’t think she deserves to know?" He shot her an icy glare.

"Shut up, okay? Better yet can you just fucking go please?"

"Oooh did I hit a nerve?" Sophie giggled. She was enjoying this too much.

"Fuck off!" Standing up, he pushed his chair back and reached down for his books but Sophie leapt off the table and pushed him back against a wall of books.

"That’s not very nice to say to your very best friend that you have now shared a passionate affair with"

"Sophie, stop this" He tried to move around her but she reached out and pressed her hand at his throat - she was pretty strong for a little thing but it didn’t hurt. With her free hand, she dragged her fingers down his chest towards his crotch and York froze. Just as it looked like she was about to go for his zipper, Sophie reached into his pocket and yanked out his cell phone.

"Let’s see what Terri has to say" Spinning around, she attempted to get to their text window but York grabbed at her arms from behind.

"Don’t! Come on, Sophie. Stop!" They struggled for a few more seconds before Sophie finally handed it back to him. He stuffed it back in his pocket and took the opportunity to grab his jacket and book and back away. “I don’t know what your problem is but—"

"I can still tell her, you know?" Her eyes were narrow and she looked rather amused.

"You wouldn’t" He didn’t sound too sure.

"Why not? She deserves to know"

"Why? You don’t even like her!" He was clearly getting upset.

"We girls have to stick together"

"Oh fuck off!" York turned to leave but paused. “Why are you doing this?"

"Because I can. You’re the one that thought you could just ignore me and it would all go away"

"I wasn’t. I…I’m just…I don’t know…" He ruffled his hair. “It shouldn’t have happened"

"Oh, you regret it now, huh? Nice, York"

"No I’m not saying that. I—"

"So you liked it then?"

"I’m done talking about this with you"

"I know you did. I know you’ve wanted me all this time" Sophie took a step closer and York backed up. "I’ve seen the way you look at me; How you fixate on my body" She reached down and ran her hands along her skirt and thighs. "You love when I wear revealing clothing so you can get a better look at me. You stare so much that you even forget what we are talking about" She moved forward and now had York pinned against the wall once again. His heart was beating fast and his cock was beginning to swell. He wanted to fight his body from responding like this but it was no use. Everything she said was true. He has had a crush on her from the very beginning but she never showed any interest in him. Until now.

"What are you doing?"

"Making you hard, apparently" Her eyes sparkled up at him. She trailed her fingers across his chest and went to get on her knees.

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